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above art by Butamin
icon by nuarei
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| bishie trainer | panda princess | strawberry prince | United States

I'm supposedly an artist... but mainly some cute trash.
Part time prince, part time princess, full time fabulous.

Rolls around///


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Hello, my dear prince, how are you doing?
It's your precious princessu here haha <33 My message is not going to be as great as yours but I assure you, this message will be filled with all of my feelings for you, yes.
Baby it has been like 3-4 years that we're still together, waaah time flies so fast doesn't it? I remember the first time where I first saw you in PJF, I felt a bit intimitated by you when I look through your messages to others in comments and such, you sounded really mature and I thought of--''omgg she sounds so cool idk if im worth her time'' but then one day I saw your comment on my lame son's app. I was so happy and nervous because omgg mod sempai had noticed me //PAPS MYSELF;; and waah when i first talked to you you didn't sound like what i expected you to be, you were friendly and sweet haha <33 And oh my goshh I should really thank my son for this don't I? Because my little silly cupid son, Addy brought us together <33 if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have been so lovey dovey together up until now haha-- <33

But until recenetly we have been getting into small fights with each other over small things, it's ridiculous. And I'm sorry for that love, I didn't mean to start a fight weeps;; I just couldn't keep control of my temper anymore after what has been happening around me. You could say that I was.. letting off steam.. in the wrong way. I'm truly sorry prince;; Please forgive this badly tempered princessu;; she needs to behave waah;;; And I'm so sorry for breaking your heart every now and then;; wheezes; There is sometimes where I wanted to tell you that I wanted to give up on being your princess.. yes, it's true. But then I thought of the times we spend time together and I just couldn't bring myself to say that because I still truly love you, for real ; v;/ And I still do hngng;; I hope you would still love me for whatever I have done to you wahh;;

And to be honest, I'm pretty jealous too-- whenever I see you talking or being with someone else makes my blood boil, but I didn't
want to show it, but I guess you can tell judging by how I type hahaha-- It's not just you that you're jealous, princessu is also jealous too;;; please cure me I feel like a bad princess;;

But all in all, you're still my precious baby. I still love you very much, but I don't know about you tho for what I've done. I need to change, I want to be able to be by your side prince, ; v; Eventho you flirt all of the time, I'm eyeing on you prince.
You cannot get away from me or I'll kill you . _. //SLAPS HAHAHA but seriously don't go cheating over me, I will cry you don't even know ; v;
Oh yess and I'm looking forward to that day where we can meet each other! <3 I can't wait to run into you and snuggle you all day long hah <33 and read all of those stars in the jar for you. I will answer to every question you have given to me, and then we can spend our days together in a nice outdoor space and we can enjoy looking at stars and eat lots of snacks together, wah, that would be so nice <33 And don't forget about the niccoberry shop too, you promised that you would help me out when I makemy own cafe. Our cafe, maybe xD hahaha <33 I can't wait for that too, just think about it. We can make so many sweets together haha <33
and then we can live in the same house and do lots of fun stuffs together <33 yesss and travelling together, wah <33

Also prince, if you ever ask me who I love the most, it's obviously going to be you, and you only. Because you're my first bestfriend
and a lover. And I'm truly happy that I get to know you, you're amazing and sweet <33 Princessu couldn't handle all of your flirty messages and such, it's making me numb HAHAHA <33
I think that's all I'm going to say for now. I love you baby, forever and always <3
NiccoBerry5lief <3
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